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The OP Life by Irene Fashion Blogger👉Life.OnPurpose Influencer. WonderWoman. Trendsetter Momager of @honestlymargo 💋

Hi there! I’m Irene, and I’m the founding editor of The OP Life, the Oklahoma City based resource centered around living a lifestyle On Purpose.

Welcome! I get asked all the time “What is OP? On Purpose?” I show people the lifestyle they create for themselves can help them create a life of authenticity, true inner happiness, and ultimate fulfillment, which is living an On Purpose life.

This site was created to inspire and empower others to live their best lives, be the best version of themselves and live On Purpose.

Being On Purpose is about all that we do in our daily lives, from the way we dress, to the way we live, living in a way that gives us joy and makes us feel good from the inside out, that helps us find true happiness.

Ultimately, in life, if we are On Purpose in pursuing our passions and the things we love on a day to day basis, then we will live a life of joy and authenticity.

In addition to The OP Life and various other sites and publications I write for and am a contributor of, you can also see my work with my daughter, as I’m her “momager” and CO-CEO. Take a look at teen CEO Honestly Margo. I hope you’re inspired!

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