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Klangwelt ® / Style Unsettled ⚡️KLANGWELT: Creative Director. Visual Designer. Content Creator. Branding

First of all, I am a creative soul. Professionally, I am a visual designer, creative director and artist. And just how I don’t like to settle on just one fashion style, I also hate settling for just ONE skill or profession.

Some days you will find me playing with watercolors and ink, some days I draw quietly on my iPad, one day I will design a cool interface for mobile or desktop, the next I will design graphics for advertising campaigns, or create content for branding and social media.

Change is the only constant in the world and I love being dynamic and versatile – it’s how I thrive. I’m very hands-on, I get bored easily and I need a great deal of creative freedom.

Why Style Unsettled?

Because life is messy and sometimes complicated and sophisticated and crazy. Because there is always something new to learn and life is too beautiful and full of potential, to settle.

Because there is always something new to discover and new dreams to dream. Because I never liked coloring inside the lines and I always hated fitting into or being squeezed in simply one box.

Because it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be.

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